Housemeister is a key figure of the German and international nightscape.
DJ half a life, got his turntables in 1994, won a dj contest at the popkomm festival in cologne 1998, get part of Ellen AllienĀ“s BPC collective in `99 and started releasing records in 2001 on Bpitchcontrol. Since 2005 he is labelhead of AYCB Records and released on Boysnoize Records, on ModeselektorĀ“s Monkeytown and 50 Weapons as well for Matthew Herbert Accidental Jnr Records. As a full-analog studio crack he has produced 6 full length studio Albums and more than 50 Vinyls, 400 tracks in total. Housemeister is a DJ with skills & musical knowledge, a crowdpleaser, always in interaction with the people on technofloors as well on housefloors or sunny beaches. Housemeister never cared about any style coming up or going away, he's one of the realest analogue techno producers from Berlin.
(Boys Noize ID:Magagzin)